Happy New Year!

posted Jan 2, 2017, 11:55 AM by Stefanie Judd
We are starting the year off with a 500 mile Heart Healthy Challenge: Starting January 9 and ending on February 17. 
  • $25.00 per team, Up to 5 participants per team: All money goes to Swim Reedsburg Swim Team: The funds help with scholarships, purchasing of ribbons and Relay Race
  • At least one team member has to be a member of Swim Reedsburg, Sign up at Swim Reedsburg
  • Your team successfully completes the 500 Mile Challenge by covering 500 miles in a 6 week time period beginning January 9 and ending February 17
  • The miles may be completed using the following modes of exercise:Running / Jogging / Walking / Hiking/Biking/ swimming or a 20 minute exercise classes (elevated heart rate). All miles are on the hornor system. The miles do not have to be completed at Swim Reedsburg. 
  • You might consider using a gps unit or pedometer to help keep track of your distance. 2000 steps= 1 mile
  • The miles you complete are to be logged on the 500 Mile Challenge Calendar then turned into your team leader at the end of the week
  •  Miles are recorded on a team basis at Swim Reedsburg (choose one person to be your team leader)
  • For every mile logged a heart will be posted at Swim Reedsburg.  At the end of the challenge all the hearts will be given to Josie Perea for Valentine’s Day.